The party arrives at Gint

The party arrived at the small town of Gint amid rumors of a sickness afflicting a quarter of the population. Rather than enter the town immediately, the party ventured off towards a farm on the outskirts of town. After lockpicking their way in and rummaging through the house, they were set upon by the farmer returning from the fields.

After some intimidation by Zohara, the farmer backed down and explained the town’s plight to the adventurers. It was revealed that the town had grown sick, with the town guards acting suspiciously, and that the sickness occurred after some townspeople visited a local cave. The farmer, after some persuasion, drew a map of the town’s layout.

Armed with this information, the party left the home and returned to the town. Upon entering, the somber but bustling town, the party decided to acquire more information from a child. After a magic trick from Tura involving a chess piece, the child, Lorelei, corroborated the farmer’s story of the suspicious guards and the local cave.

After giving a chess piece to the child, with instructions to leave it at a nearby nook if the child found any additional information, Zohara approached a guard. The guard dodged all questions and left the party with no additional information.

The party then moved on to the local tavern. Upon entering, they found a man sitting at the bar, and giving him a gold piece, sat next to him and shared beer. Over the drinks, they found that the man’s name was Gaerg, and he too confirmed suspicions that the guards were acting strangely since the sickness started.

With that, the party decided to ask Gaerg for a place to stay, and he agreed, letting them stay in his home.


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